Unspoken Truth is an interactive exhibit of advocacy and healing for survivors of personal violence and those who love them.

Survivors of personal violence include:
persons who have experienced childhood physical abuse, childhood emotional and psychological abuse, childhood sexual abuse, rape, domestic violence, torture, or captivity.

Those who love them include:
partners, family members, friends, therapists and other helping professionals, and communities and persons interested in understanding the pervasiveness and stark realities of violence against persons, especially women and children.

Unspoken Truth seeks to:
offer affirmation and healing to survivors and their loved ones and call for advocacy and action on behalf of victims and survivors everywhere from those who attend.
Unspoken Truth seeks an end to personal violence against
persons everywhere.

Unspoken Truth will include:

  • evocative art by survivors and other artists depicting the reality and impact of abuse
  • information and resources for understanding and healing, including books, pamphlets, fact sheets and organizational assistance
  • performance art — poetry, dance, and musical expressions of both injury and healing
  • lecture and panel discussions sharing information, advocacy and avenues for healing
  • film showings depicting the realities and impact of violence against persons
  • art space and materials allowing survivors and others to contribute their own expressions of experience and healing
  • recording equipment allowing survivors who choose to share a piece of their own story with others
  • interactive displays through which those who attend can respond to their experience